Twelve years ago a girl gave birth to a cute and adorable little child. The sad reason behind the pregnancy was that the girl got raped by multiple men. She couldn’t count for they blindfolded her and tied her to a tree, taking in turns, shaming her, praising her about how nice she was and how much she enjoyed it. She cried and begged them to let her go but they didn’t stop or feel sorry for her. Instead they put their manhoods inside of her. She cried and bled until tears were no longer tears. It lasted for hours. She gave in. They were laughing showing no conscience, no remorse.

They seemed to be having fun. That is what they were saying, “Ohhh come on baby girl we know you are enjoy this, at least we helped you pop that cherry.” Yes you read that right; they took her virginity. The pain she endured was unbearable, the comments they made her skin crawl. There was no one to help her, no one in the bushes, only sounds of wild birds. If only if they could help her but that was just a dream. Her cries went unheard.

A few weeks later she found out that she was pregnant and that she had been infected with HIV. She hated life, she hated herself and also had resentment against her unborn child. She wanted to kill both herself and the unborn child but she failed. After giving birth she never told her child that she loved her, never kissed her or hugged her. She felt that she had ruined her life.

When naming her child she chose a very bad name for her. Matlakala. When translated to English it refers to rubbish or trash. Imagine when Matlakala grew up, she always heard nasty and painful remarks made by her mom, “You’re a mistake, you were never supposed to be born. You are born from multiple sperm, you remind me of a horror real-life movie that happened to me. I hate you. I wanted you dead.”

Matlakala would cry and just respond to her mother by saying, “I am sorry mom about everything that has happened to you. May God heal you from that pain you’ve gone through. I love you.”

When Matlakala was about to turn 10 years old she left a note on top of her single bed and then she hanged herself.

The note read: I am really sorry mother for all the suffering you had to endure. You were never a nice mother to me but you gave me life, clothed me, gave me shelter and even better you fed me, and for that I will forever be grateful. You are my role model, you ill-treated me but you never killed me. I will tell our Creator to heal your wounds because He heals and mends broken hearts. Have a joyous and successful journey.

The ‘Trash’ has been taken out and is going to be recycled.

Love Matlakala


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