Change is painful but you eventually get used to it. A broken heart heals and learns to love again.

When you don’t forgive, you block your own blessings, but when you forgive not only do you heal but you also free your soul. You cannot gain strength without challenges, like there are no testimonies without tests. There is no experience without failing and falling. How can you give wisdom and advice to others about a journey you have never travelled?

You might give up on yourself, but your inner self will never stop fighting unless you silence it. Everyone needs inspiration to achieve their dreams and goals, just like fire needs wood to keep burning. The world goes around and yet no one can see it, just like faith you don’t need to see it to have it. Trees die in winter but nothing stops them from blossoming in summer, the storms you go through in life do not determine your destination. Remember there is no warrior without the war; some challenges are there to put you in your rightful place.

Never fear to allow the storms to delay your flight, but fight for it to arrive at the destination. Life is too short, therefore never hesitate to go after what sets your heart on fire.


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