We live in a world where people are homophobic and judgmental, yet we say we fought against oppression for freedom for all. Ask yourselves what is really meant by ‘freedom’ and how far should it be applied.

People are such hypocritical creatures because there should only be freedom when it suits them most or when it is beneficial. Ellen DeGeneres is a well-known lesbian celebrity who is not judged because she has tons of followers and money. Should you be judged less because of your success or what society believes to be ‘accepted’?

Tshepang Thaga once said, “Freedom is what you decide is comfortable for you and not what society thinks should be comfortable or accepted.”

You have a right to express yourself however you feel is comfortable for you and no one should deny you that right. Freedom begins with our generation, to change the mind-set of our parents that we should let the society dictate our level of freedom. You lose your freedom the minute you decide to please everyone.

Remember that time and tide waits for no man. The time is now, the time to empower someone, the time to be informed and to be the change that the world desperately desires.


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