Let us all face the fact, or better yet, my own opinion, that most women of society fall in love not with a man’s character but simply in the accumulation of his possession. Though this topic has been well spoken of in the past, the concept of ‘material love’ has garnered attention from the 1990s.

The main reason such a shift has taken place within the minds of people, is due to the fact that we have been prone to believe that materialism constitutes the value of our life. A man believes that the quality of his car and huge bank account assures his success with women.

We should not fool ourselves into believing that these crude statements, though ignorant in explanation, are not real. I hold no judgements, simply observations. I, of course could be erroneous but I stand corrected to a certain degree. The greatest truth I seek is one in which we do not sugar-coat it with the hypocritical terms of, “open-mindedness” or being “optimistic”. No self-delusional terms can negate the truth for what it is.

I emphasize that I am not a misogynist or a judgemental person, my opinions have been deduced with no emotions or feelings in play. I am simply a person who is seeking to understand the generation I have been born in. Whether my deduction is right or wrong that is irrelevant, for truth of the matter is, we can never delude that which is obvious. No concept can hide the undisputable truth that love is dependent upon money. But as I said, this is merely my own opinion, so my essay is open to an infinite dispute of discussion.


Tell us: Do you agree with the author, that most women are attracted to material possessions that a man has to offer?