Is there life after death? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Others agree that it seems like they are more concerned with the idea of dying than accepting that they’ll die indeed. Some people believe that if someone dies, they will be born again in a different country or continent and that particular person won’t recall that they had once lived.

This may be true; sometimes we bump into people that look like people we’ve known. You may consider it a coincidence but, I guess that’s how God wants you to think. People die every day and we find that their spot on earth is replaced by someone else being born. This whole thing is like a spiral. That’s why people can’t figure out if there’s life after death or not.

The only thing that divides us is religion.

For example, in the Indian culture, when a baby is born, the family cries because an innocent baby had been born into a world of sin. On the other hand, when someone of their race dies, they celebrate because that person is now free of this world. To me, this again proves that God is the cleverest being to have ever existed.

Imagine if God made us to be aware of how many lives we had; if all of us had ten lives, imagine how life would have been. People would kill each other for no reason and the deceased wouldn’t worry, because they would know that they will live again for a second time and so on and so forth. The question of how many lives a person has left would be asked continuously.

Imagine you were getting engaged, it wouldn’t be wise for you to marry someone who only had two years left to live. If that person had ten years of life granted to them and lost eight, I would obviously want to know how they lost the other eight. There would be a lot of gutter press and death. Say, a person had one life left, that person would live very carefully because they would know that should they die again, they would be gone for good. Leaving those who had more than five lives to continue to live irresponsibly and recklessly.

Thank God life is not that way.

Everyone in the world today cares about their lives because they know very well that there’s no way they’ll live again after they’ve died. God has personally made our minds and hearts to believe that there’s no life after death, just to avoid the things I’ve mentioned above. You may ask whether I believe there’s life after death, the answer is yes.

Yes, there is life after death. I say this because humans are created with in image of God, and God himself is forever living. The only difference between God and us is that our lives are divided into chapters of a never ending story with a strong innovation of mind whenever a person starts a new chapter in life.

Everyone in this world has a purpose and this purpose moves at the same pace as your chapter. You may find that you are living for the 100th time presently, but with your mind, you believe that you are living for the first time ever in this world. Just ask yourself why the world isn’t coming to an end?

It’s a very complex question without an answer. But if we take a look at life that is when we will discover that life is just a spiral. Different kinds of information about this issue will provide different kinds of answers. At the end we get to be so confused and loose our self confidence in every way imaginable. I’m quite sure that I’m not the only person in this world who believes that there is life after death.

There are thousands of people out there who share the thoughts as mine, who are not about ‘majority rules rather they care about setting the record straight to those who are oblivious about the circulation of our planet.

When a person dies, their body is buried or burned but their soul goes to heaven. What do you think is going to happen to that soul?

The very same soul will be inserted into a new body to carry out the purpose of life. People may think me crazy for believing so but, the truth is that I’m totally sane. I’m just using my thoughts to enlighten those who are in the dark. People, let’s wake up and smell the coffee, there is definitely life after death.


Tell us what you think: Do you think there is life after death? What do you think happens?