It was a sunny day, 28°C, clear skies wind speed five knots, humidity 4%, easterly winds.
Where are my keys? I’ve got to leave, at the back of the taxi, I couldn’t believe what the president said about changes that would take place around the Motherland. I was lost in the midst of it all. It was all true. In East London, as I was standing next to the robots, they were arresting this person who had no mask.

Looking at my bank account thinking about a party going on with no army or police, rich people only. (COVID-19 I’m covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, you know the God of mine who sees where we cannot see)
I just told it, that I am not the type for it, I’m covered; tell me why it doesn’t want to mess with this body of mine.

It can’t stand a chance, my body is a temple, and that has already made them wonder; now I wonder why they’ve been wondering?
What would you call an icon living? I guess that is someone who prays every minute. I haven’t logged on Facebook in a long time, so what? I’m doing this respectfully, I’m doing things differently, want to be a living example, following big foot steps in front of me.

Jesus is the way, now some start praying; now they believe, as if I told them to. Now I wonder why their so-called fame doesn’t protect them from this pandemic? They are scared to die, why now? They don’t want to be happy. They’re busy eating corona, everything is corona, sanitiser, and mask, and at least they have something to talk about when they are having their gossip time with coffee.

I lift up my head, the world is on fire, Lord I ain’t perfect, I sin. But it’s strange all the things they’re calling me. I bow down and rise above every time the devil tries to corner me.
Honestly I never wanted to be a wanna-be, keep the fame, give your heart to God, you’ve been thinking lately. Will the devil kill you or will God protect you?
I’m never scared, I’m bold, dark and faded skinny skeleton mode. Keep the fame I’m here for your faith in Him, don’t get twisted I got skills, I’m nice so that I could use God’s words in a gun fight, ndi right nge Lime Light.

While you busy thinking you made it this far on your own, stop deceiving yourself you know that we cannot make it on our own.


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