Why has society become so vain, narcissistic and hateful in nature? One can only speculate but that would yield no results. Instead we should dissect and observe the ways of society therefore, leading to an indefinite truth. A conscious discussion is needed amongst all in society.

A society that lacks the faculty of thinking and understanding is one destined for stagnation and conflict. If man’s nature is revealed in his actions, then how do we ascertain the reason for man being so vain, narcissistic and hateful in nature? The obvious factors which we need to focus on are culture and media. These factors are what ultimately shapes and gives rise to man becoming vain, narcissistic or hateful.

Culture naturally can be viewed from many points of view. Firstly, we can rightfully state that the people we associate with, largely contribute to our outlook and general decisions of life. For example, should we have friends that are racist in nature, it’s safe to assume that we become indoctrinated too. We are, by truth, a reflection of whom we associate with, for birds of the same feather always flock together.

The places we visit, churches and religious beliefs we have, all play a role in determining the type of persons we become. No-one is ever isolated from cultural aspects. Therefore, we can never be a total being free from influences, even if the influence is minute, we are nonetheless and ultimately influenced by our culture one way or the other.

Lastly, the vilest of all influences is that of the media. Never in the history of man (this of course is my own opinion) have there been a better form of brain-washing. The two devices that contribute to making the media effective for its true purpose is a television and a cell phone.

While, ironically, man advances technologically, he greatly declines intellectually. When we begin to step out of the box, only then do we begin to see the truth for what it is. Hopefully, somehow, one can read between the lines of the truth contained in this piece.


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