Today l conducted an interview with Phakiso J Tshabalala a father, husband and a career man. We get to know more about him and how he grew up and what influenced his decisions in life.

Where were you born and how was your childhood?

I was born in early 80’s at BBH hospital and we moved from Boksburg to Mpumalanga at the age of 2 to a small village called Boekenhouthoek Kwandebele, that’s where I grew up and started attending school in 1986 at Khayalethu P school.

Why did you choose a career in environmental science?

As a kid like any other l had dreams. Unfortunately for me what l am doing wasn’t my dream career, l had aspirations of becoming an engineer. I completed my matric in 1999 and then in 2000 l went to study at Benoni technical, doing an engineering course and that’s where l could see my dreams slowly becoming a reality. But life was not in my favour because l had to drop out and choose a different career path because of finances. I ended up doing logistics in environmental science and that’s where I am today.

How do you balance your career and being a father and a husband?

Being a father is not something l had planned but when l got my first born my choices had to change, and that’s also when l decided to marry the mother of my kids. The first days were not easy but l had to balance out.

What are your biggest challenges with this balance?

Balancing a career and household comes with challenges such as losing focus on one. I remember l was once called in by my manager as l had developed a habit of getting to work late all because l was trying to also spend time with my family. I then spoke with my wife and she came up with a suggestion of having Sundays as family days and we have never looked back since then. It is true behind every man’s success there is a woman.

What are your dreams and visions?

I have so many dreams and visions but let me be honest with you. I have achieved most of my dreams. One dream l still have to fulfil is becoming an engineer, it would really bring endless joy to myself. The visions l have now is to live life and grow to see my children growing to be who they truly want to be, that’s why l make sure l give them the best life l wish l had.

It is never to late to follow your dreams, dreams delayed are not dreams denied. Phakiso is evidence to this saying. Where there is a will there will always be a way.