Forgot what this day symbolized. I like sunrise because like the sun I always rise, haven’t been baptized. I don’t know how to read a watch so I’m not clock wise. But I know murder isn’t right so I do apologise to the woman who have died.

Dear mothers and fathers of perpetrators, y’all need to apologise because you chose to ignore someone’s daughters cries and blue eyes. You celebrate woman’s month with pride but you are giving umakoti wakho the evil eye because you believe that she’s telling lies about your son’s crimes, that isn’t right. Y’all are stereotypes. Are you waiting for her to die first so you can say she was right?

Is someone’s daughter your special sacrifice because you paid her bride price? The world is clothed in a disguise that encourages woman to rise but y’all are always ready to criticize when she does. What the hell do you want?

Y’all are criminals always ready to steal the spotlight cause your lives ain’t going right. But always ready to sympathize to make yourselves look nice. Wow y’all truly deserve a prize.
Here is some simple advice – sanitize your hands before touching your eyes. I hope you have realized woman are in danger. Teach your son that laying a hand on a woman ain’t right nor wise.


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