Mika Sibeko was old beyond her years. That’s what people used to say. She was sweet with words. The worst thing about her was that she always acted like a diva. That’s the only thing that annoyed her schoolmates. She was labelled as ‘Queen M’ by them and she loved the name.

She was attending the University of Johannesburg. Her behaviour was also beyond her age although she was only 19 years old. She had big dreams. A big mansion, good family, fancy car and a handsome husband. Those were Mika Sibeko’s dreams. “I wish I could get a guy who is so perfect,” Mika said smiling while walking with her friend, Nomhle.

“What do you mean by that?” Nomhle asked amazed. Mika smiled non-stop as she stopped walking. “I want a tall, dark and handsome guy,” Mika paused, “he must be rich and muscular.” Mika couldn’t stop smiling and blushing while closing her eyes. Nomhle laughed and they continued walking.

Mika wanted nothing but a handsome guy. Every guy who asked her out she would make sure that she turned them down. All she wanted was someone who clashed with her personality.

That night, Mika prayed hard. She prayed to meet the guy of her dreams. The man had to be tall, dark, handsome and rich. No rich guy, no dating. That was Mika’s motto.

The next day Mika got an invitation card to attend a party. She quickly prepared for the party, wore a white dress and looked really stunning. Everyone at the party kept looking at her.

A white guy at the party approached Mika. “Hello pragtig,” he said. He was tall and handsome, but clumsy. “Your name must be Angel because you look so heavenly,” said the white guy, grabbing Mika’s hand softly.

“Your name must be Devil because that shirt looks like Hell,” Mika replied harshly.

“My name is Thinus Van Wyk,” he said. Mika left Thinus standing as she continued dancing. “Mag ek dans met jou?” he begged Mika.

Mika got upset and she pushed him. “Los my uit!” she yelled. Everybody looked as she was pushing Thinus.

“Woo-hoo!” everyone yelled. Thinus got upset and he left the party and they continued partying.

“Why did you pull such a stunt?” Nomhle asked.

“I don’t like that guy and besides, he’s not the guy I want,” Mika replied while rolling her eyes. “I refuse to date a white guy,” Mika said.

Nomhle got irritated. “I knew you were a snob and rude but I didn’t know you were a racist as well!” and then Nomhle left the party as well.

The following day Mika, Nomhle and Lisa went to the cinema to watch a new movie. They saw a hot guy who was delivering pizzas. “Mika,” said Nomhle, “here is your prince charming!” The guy was tall, dark and handsome.

“Oh my goodness,” said Mika. “I don’t believe this!”

“My name is Jabulani Twala, but you can call me JB,” said the pizza guy. Mika couldn’t stop smiling and blushing next to him.

Mission accomplished for Mika. Hold on. Not really. Jabulani knocked off early at the cinema just to take Mika back home in his fancy car. They were so happy.

“Thanks for taking us home,” said Mika.

“My pleasure,” replied Thinus. They waved goodbye to Jabulani.

“He is so sweet,” said Mika.

“Sweet indeed,” replied Lisa, “but he looks old.”

Mika was so irritated. Nomhle agreed with Lisa and Mika went home in a huff.

The next weekend Thinus got a phone call from his coach. He was told to sign a contract to become a professional rugby player and Thinus was so happy to be given such a great opportunity.

One day Jabulani was sitting under the tree. He received a phone call from Mika. He ignored the call and Mika cried non-stop. It was not the first time that her boyfriend ignored her calls. Jabulani invited his wife, Moyomhle, over for dinner.

Mika showed up at Jabulani’s house uninvited. “What are you doing here?” Jabulani shouted.

“Why aren’t you answering my calls, JB?” Mika also shouted. Moyomhle was amazed and she listened.

“Who are you and why are you shouting at my husband?” Moyomhle asked.

Mika was speechless and she left the house crying. When she got home, she met her friends and told them everything that had happened. They comforted her, but that was the end of Mika and JB’s relationship.

Months passed. Mika and her friends went shopping. They bumped into Thinus who was wearing a suit and looking good. “I don’t believe this!” said Nomhle.

“Hey Mika, it’s nice seeing you again,” said Thinus.

“Is this your car?” Mika asked. She was so confused. “Yes it’s my car,” Thinus replied confidently.

Mika couldn’t believe it. It felt as if it was a long nightmare. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Mika couldn’t stop regretting. She was lonely as hell.

Never be fooled by what you see on the outside because on the inside it’s often a different story. Never judge a person by his/her colour, size and outer beauty because if you do, you might miss who that person really is.