Have you ever felt as if your whole life was falling apart and there was nothing that you could do? Have you ever felt so helpless that you were even unaware of what to do any more? Almost as if everything good that comes your way is destined to be destroyed. Sometimes we give our best and more, yet still it’s not enough. Quite often it can hurt you so much on the inside. At times it happens so often that even you fail to understand how to feel? Am I hurt, frustrated, maybe even exasperated out of my mind? Perhaps all three?

I know that many of us have come across such an instance in our individual lives where we’ve felt exactly like this. I have every inkling as to how you feel. I know it hurts you immensely and you’re tired of hiding behind a fake smile. I also know that it becomes mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically draining to live in a constant cycle of the same events. All that you desire is for it to come to an end, but instead it just goes on and on. Who wouldn’t be frustrated with living the same day again and again? Even if it was a good day, at some point it would tire you out, seeing the same day repeat itself.

I’m here to let you know that whoever you are, wherever you may be in the world right now, you are not alone. Forget what people say, forget the pain that they continue to inflict upon you. Gather your courage, be strong and forgive them. Remember that the pain that they inflict upon you is your reward, if not in this life then in the next. Be brave, it’s going to be OK.


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