Broken Phone

Back in the day, I never wanted to own any because of my peers, they would spend most of their time on their mobile phones playing games and watching videos while spending less time on their studies… Their parents would sometimes be called in by our school teachers to complain about their undesirable marks.

All I wanted to do was to study and get good marks and not just waste my time on things that would not guarantee me a tremendous future… I sometimes wished to confront my peers as to why were they always on cell phones, yet I didn’t want to be seen as curious as they were already calling me with names like ‘bookworm, Ms Perfect and Ms Know it all’ but I was never bothered…

Well, I passed my Grade 8 with flying colours and I got promoted to Grade 9 the following year and left my friends in Grade 8…. mhhh it wasn’t the same in class because I had to adjust to the fact that my friends were actually no longer with me in the same class so I thought it would be best to stay focussed and not to spend time wandering around and of cause time is money!

Later on that year, my friends came to my class during lunch time to break some sad news I thought as it was written in their faces… what could’ve happened to them? However, I knew there could be some trouble but didn’t want to speculate.

Yey! My friends wanted me to assist them after school. I was thrilled because they finally came into their senses. No more watching videos or playing games little did I know that there was a catch to all that… what could it be?

It sounded a little bit of a bribe at first…They said if I were to assist them after school and practise they would also assist me with something and that something got me curious and suspicions were already my killer instincts.

Eventually, the day came to an end yet I still couldn’t know what was that something my friends told me about. Speculations… speculation. I finally went home to prepare for my after school programme with my friends and they came over before we could even get started they broke the news that they would assist me with a cellphone.

I then froze because they knew how I felt about cell phones yet they brought it up and if I wanted one I could’ve asked my big brother one and he would assist me for sure…They tried to elaborate further as to how it would be helpful, and I agreed at last…From then we kept in touch and cell phones became my everything…I could do almost everything regarding to my studies and write stories as well as poems.. I managed to pass everything. To this day, it made me see things differently…Life became easy.