In this life, when people leave your life, let them go.

You don’t have to cry for people who left you because your life is not theirs. You have to know that nobody leaves you without a reason. For anything else to happen, there is a reason for it. Even a rainbow does not show in the sky without any rainfall. Even you can’t smile or be happy without any reason. You have to know that people leave you for a reason.

Most people can’t tell you the reasons for leaving, instead they will just show it to your naked eyes.

There are those people who leave when your life is not OK and people who will leave when you are facing many problems. There are many material friends who leave when your life is not shining like a sun. There are many people who leave when your tears become your daily meal. Instead of helping you out with some solutions to your problems, they start laughing at you and start gossiping about your problems as if it is a good thing to do.

There are even other people who would leave you because you are doing better than them. There are many people who would leave when they see that every action that you take is sprinkling happiness in your life. Such are the kind of people who would want to see you raining tears. Such are jealous people that threaten or challenge your life.

So if people have left or would leave you, let them go because they are not your life support. Your life does not rest on their shoulders. You just have to keep on moving towards your goals in life.

Keep on working towards what you want to become in next three to five years.


Tell us: Have you ever had to let people go?