Nowadays we are not comfortable in our own communities and there are many attacks that are happening. The more we are supposed to be happy and comfortable, the more we live in fear. Because as the technology improves with time we are also supposed to be free.

1. Lack of Education – The problem is that many people lack education not in the form of academics. I mean they lack the knowledge and understanding of how we are supposed to live. They do things just to survive but they don’t think of others. People use technology in the wrong way and they become corrupted and do things that will hurt the whole community. The fact that you steal electrical cables and don’t think about the suffering that the next person will face, as long as you are going to benefit. When you steal copper wires all these things happen because people lack information. When you understand that you don’t live alone, that’s when you start reasoning.

2. Extreme Robberies – These days there are extreme robberies where people get robbed of their phones and all their important belongings. These days going outside at night is not safe, you think twice because people are heartless and they do things only for their own benefit. Education goes a long way, because for the fact that you go and rob people it means you don’t understand the pain that you put that person through.

3. Xenophobic Attacks – This includes everyone. It does not matter if you are a citizen or not, you will be affected. Let’s say you are a citizen and people are being burnt and shot to death and you are still outside due to work. Do you think you will not get shot or burnt in the process? We are all God’s children and I don’t understand; why must we burn each other? The backs scratch each other, so if you are burning people who do you think will scratch your back? You can’t live your life alone. One way or another you will share your life.

4. Unemployment – The matter of being unemployed leads to strikes because people will be angry because they are not working. Having no money and being poor, there is no one who likes the fact that they are needy. Everyone wants to be independent and not dependent. So if the government does not hire them but is firing them, they will strike. Everyone wants to be in his or her working place on a working day.

5. Timing – These xenophobic attacks and robberies happen anytime, so we don’t feel safe anymore. When we are going to work we pray that we come back safely.

6. Experience – I was once robbed of my phone in the streets of Johannesburg, and on the day I woke up early because I had to do stocktaking in Tembisa. I was mugged at gunpoint. I was still going to do stocktaking on that morning, but I couldn’t count because I was shaking and was still shocked. I was traumatized because it was God’s grace that they didn’t kill me. So I know what I’m talking about. Once that happens to you, you become traumatized. These people were also swearing at me.

7. Solution – Educate people about the pains they give people, like the pain of losing your loved one to a xenophobic attack. The pain of losing a phone and valuable stuff. People must learn how deep it is to bury your loved one because of xenophobia, as if we are not from the same God.