Without allowing it to grow, she took its life. When asked what the matter was, she resorted to tears. When asked if she was hungry, she would just want water. When asked to go to its funeral, she refused. Fearing her demons, she resorted to stay at home and help with preparing food for the funeral.

At its funeral were elders of the family. They have been there for the past few weeks now and they were starting to get her nerves worked out. They wanted answers as to what might have caused her to take its life. Even the oldest family member tried asking her but she never answered him; she was always crying.

It was on Monday morning when the police came to her place for her statement when she decided to come out clean. Sergeant Mthombeni was a policeman of high stature and was the one taking the statement. His serious face was designed to force the truth out of anyone. Even Knights, the town’s known murderer, knew him very well. He was known for being a top dog when it came to his job. It wasn’t only his facial-feature that made him proper, his ability to ask straight forward questions seemed to work.

“Can I get you tea, gentlemen?” Asked Nobuhle after welcoming the two gentlemen to her house.

“No, we are fine thanks. I am Sergeant Mthombeni and this is my partner, Sergeant Mofolozi. We are here to take your statement following the death of your one year old son. We hope that we won’t have any problems and that you will tell us the truth. Remember, everything you say will be used against, if not for, you in court. Your words might turn against you, should we learn that you are lying,” said Sergeant Mthombeni after he took his book and pen to write the statement.

“I understand sir, I promise to co-operate and to tell nothing but the truth,” said Nobuhle as she folded her arms.

Most people like folding their arms whenever they are being subjected to questioning. Nobuhle was no exception and was a typical example. You see, growing up in a township has its advantages; you get to observe how people behave and respond to questions. You get to see their facial expressions and the sounds they make. Their reactions after being asked questions are fascinating.

From a distance you can tell what the conversation was about, and from their reactions you could tell the conclusion of the conversation. It’s a freely given skill that many observers learn.

The room was quiet for some time and Nobuhle was looking at the two gentlemen sitting on her couches.

“Did you kill your son?” Asked Mthobeni looking straight at the accused’s face.

“Yes I did!” answered Nobuhle with a very high voice. She was still folding her arms when the tears decided to fall form her face.

“And why would you do that?” Asked Mthobeni, moments after he’d written down the latter information.

“From the moment of its birth, it was already deformed. I’m not talking only about the external deformity of a shifted nose and a very huge yellowish left eye. It wasn’t only its one arm that didn’t have a hand, it wasn’t only its back that had a hump! The doctors said that it was having a brain tumor and was not curable.’ said Nobuhle as she started crying.

“I am so sorry. But then you brought this to yourself! You see, you knew about its deformity from the word go. You should have killed it then. You further went to watch it grow, and more pain it caused. You knew very well that drinking and smoking are very dangerous, especially when you are pregnant. Yes, I have seen you at Sibiya’s Tavern years ago even when you were pregnant. There is no excuse for what you’ve done!” said Mthombeni as he cuffed her and pulled her to the police van.

Most, if not all, township people love gossip, especially that which happens within their disposal. Neighbours were standing outside folding their arms others holding their heads, watching as Nobuhle was being dragged to the van.

She later appeared in court and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.