Mpumelelo’s father said to his daughter, “I think you should get married because you are now old enough,”

Lesedi replied, “I have a plan, we’re going to give three men boiled seeds and I want them to grow a plant. I will see who is cheating and who is not cheating because boiled seeds are not plants, so whoever made a tree will have cheated,”

“That’s a good plan,” Mpumelelo’s father replied laughing. Lesedi then chose the other three men.

Lesedi tried and tried to grow the seeds and nothing grew, while the three men went to the shops and bought some plants.

The next day Lesedi went with his plant and the three men laughed saying, “Lesedi you not going to win, you loser,” and Lesedi felt very sad.

When Mpumelelo and her father came, she took Lesedi’s plant and said, “This is the man that I will marry, an honest man,” she also told them that she boiled the seeds.

Lesedi and Nompumelelo lived happily ever after


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