I thought I saw love; it came on a warm and humble breeze one day and stole my heart. It looked like love, felt like love and it even began to sound like love. However, when trials – the opportunities to prove itself came, I realised it couldn’t be love. Sometimes a person can pretend or claim or even worse, make you believe that they truly love you. Whereas they just want what benefits them only regardless of how you feel.

It’s true; a person can make you look bad in other people’s eyes or presence, without seeing their own mistakes or faults, instead they play the victim. They make promises they can’t keep then all of a sudden, every promise they made turns to be a lie. And they just want what benefits them only.

We either learn from experience or lose from it. A person uses love to hurt others. Trust is also something we can’t break, because once it’s broken; it’s hard to put back all the pieces together again. Help me Lord on the journey I am taking, because I begin to see that certain things are true, they do happen.

Least unexpected, all things turned around to no good. People we trust and put in our hearts use love as a weapon to hurt others. You can never say you really know someone, a human being the same as you. A person is something you cannot confirm or determine at times.

Now, I know God’s way is the best. Now, I see the wisdom in letting my heavenly Father choose for me and instead of choosing for myself, because He made me. He knows me. Please heal me God as I draw close to you and work on me – in due season you will send my one true love my way.

A person would want to change you and the moment you allow change in your life, they start to act weird, but they wanted to see change in you. When you allow change in your life the very same person who wanted to see transformation in you, is the same person who now thinks or sees you in a negative light when transformation takes place in your life. They want to see change in you, but now they are blinded by negative thoughts they have towards you and not to seeing the transformation taking place in your life.

A person’s opinion about you is not a reality, if you don’t make it a reality. Mind-set can also play games with a person’s thoughts. If a person isn’t ready for something or doesn’t want that something with you, the same person will have or make unbalanced excuses, because they just want what benefits them only.

A person can promise you heaven and then in a second all things change. I say it again you can never confirm, determine or trust a person at times. That’s why it’s written in the Bible that: “Let’s put our trust in God who will never leave us, nor forsake us, whose love is unconditional.”

It’s also true that a person can treat you all nice at times and when you fall for them, they just take what want, just to benefit them only. Shift your love to God who will never let you down at all, who will rap you with His love, who will overshadow you with His power and cover you with the Holy Spirit.


Do you believe that people change because they want to or do they change to satisfy other people?