Give a fair chance to that someone who makes you nervous at first. Start liking that someone who makes you laugh and smile effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and admit you miss that someone who can’t wait to call or text you back themselves. Get comfortable with that someone who’s friendly and makes you feel slightly jealous. Love & gain trust from and to someone who surprises you with ice cream, rather than buy data to post on social media.

Fall in love with that someone who wonders if you ate or slept well when they haven’t seen you for the day. Be loyal to the person who makes things comfortable for you when you not feeling well and when you upset. Be grateful for that someone who knows your flaws but will never use them against you instead uses them to learn how to love you as much you will potentially love them. Give new love a fair chance; forget the rules make your own and grow together as a team.


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