He was an heir and prince, an inspiring face to the whole race with a strong desire as well as ambition of having a powerful and real kingdom that will live for eternity. Besides wealthy soil and diversity and huge green pastures right in the middle of its territory, the prince Mwindu found out that greatness, power and the world’s precious treasure was behind his late father’s descriptions of the kingdom.

A legacy made of goods and gold wasn’t worthy without wisdom and strength. The orphan shockingly buried his wise father after being equipped with the most precious legacy that valued a billion times more than a pit of diamonds and copper.

He had a love for the land and the pride of dying for his people. His leadership character was on top of what he could forever remember about his father before setting himself on a long journey all across the unexploited continent. That was considered to be a unique nation without any sort of labyrinth separating culture, beliefs, knowledge and power between the people called to live united.

If a wonder is often associated to talk about a man born blind, who finally discovers his sight and is able to see what is around him, then the case of the new King Mwindu could be more than that. As he went on to see the deepest dark parts of his own people that he has been ignoring the whole time while in his father’s cradle.

Alone with his fearless heart and ambitious mind, he courageously travelled across his kingdom and found out about his people and many more other things related to the land he had been allowed to take the lead of.

A rich adventure was to be described. After he had completely explored the west coast to the east coast, as well as the south side to the north side of his new bequeathed land, an ambitious heart could certainly be more boosted. Due to amazing and meaningful discoveries of a full, rich land, where he definitely found a huge gold field from the west, highly advanced science, technology and literacy at the north was a powerful bargain.

The just described land was similar to a dream team that had a dispersion of talented players needed to be brought together for an upcoming competition. Probably not an easy task to clear but the amazed king had no other solution but to set the puzzle in a correct way.

“Un-similar shape of bricks builds a well-shaped house. A multi-colour layer has made an attractive rainbow. A diversity of distant people’s behaviour, and craft was fundamental to build a stronghold, as long as we share the same values and history.” That was the most remembered quote that the king Mwindu left behind after exploring every part of his land.

Right at the beginning of his work, the inspiring leader got shocked by an invasion plotted by several outsiders who were definitely jealous and greedy, towards the land that was called to be built by its own sons and daughters.

Though flattery, corruption and looting took the land to a stage where the so called united children were pushed to fight against each other and kill themselves for basics and unvalued matters, the Mwindus (dwellers of the land) were partly focussed on the true value of their identity. Some forced to resist against injustice and oppression led by multiple invaders who weakened the lonely King together with his faithful brothers. Against all odds, the Mwindus elaborated self-defensive ways. They chose to put endurance, courage and honour before all sorts of virtue. This is an exceptional history made by exceptional people, from Egypt to Ghana, to Ethiopia and to the rest of Africa.