Without friends your world seems lonely and empty, since friends are
people that you like and enjoy spending time with. Friends with
benefits are friends that are more than comfortable with each other’s company and enjoy having “fun” with. Even if you undress in front of your friend, he won’t look you in a way that say “I want you” they are more like brothers and sisters from other parents.

Friends with benefits go as far as engaging in sexual intercourse, although they are more likely to have safe sex than their real partners. Most of the time, men are the ones that are more willing to engage to friends with benefits, women are emotional when it comes to sex.

Sex is an emotional attachment, so if you use women for your sexual desire they can be your worst nightmare. Sex should be mutually beneficial. Just imagine the person you had sexual intercourse with last night is getting all cosy with someone else the next day, how would you feel?

The reason friend get sexual desires for other friends might be long distance relationships and feeling trapped in their relationships.

People can lie and say “I love you” just get you in bed, this eventually leads to cheating and someone will get hurt. Having friends with benefits is the same as running away from your responsibilities as a man or woman.