Each one of us is important in his or her own way

Let’s not judge, devalue or belittle people we meet in our lives

Let’s not judge people by the colour of their skin

Let’s not judge other people by the type of clothes they wear every day

Let’s not define people by the type of shoes they put on each and every day

Let’s not judge people by the type of houses they live in

Further to this, let’s also not judge or devalue people

based on the wrongs they did in the past

For they only taught them some lessons and advices about life

Let’s also not define, judge or level people by the number of degrees they have

Let’s also not judge people based on the type of friends they cherish

Let’s not also judge people by the sum of salaries they receive monthly

Finally, let’s also not judge people by the type of phone they use

All of these things highlighted above do not define who a person is. Again, we do not have the power to judge or criticize others. Only God himself alone, the one who created us in his own image, has the Almighty power to judge us based on our doings here on earth. For instance, it is not our duty to judge or devalue a farmer just because of the type of clothes he wears. S/he can grow crops so that those whom you call rich people, the ones who wear fancy clothes, can use their money to buy them from the farmer.

Let’s not devalue those people who are subordinates in our working places or around our homes, such as the secretaries, messengers, cleaners, housemaids, security guards, and even garden boys, because they are not that educated or maybe they haven’t been to school. Let’s have an eye of looking or seeing these people as important and the same with us for they are also human. These people were also created by the same God, they use the same oxygen, which is the same air that we inhale and exhale.