I don’t believe in censorship.

Journalism is supposed to allow for free speech, for a vocal humanity. Therefore pointing to where the only moral debate is so-called Democracy.

Journalism, whose function is to reveal every deceit and ill intention within governed society, is under constraint and jeopardy. It questions the conduct of the political man, who claims to be for every man, yet raises red flags. Therefore, it systematically holds eternal truth hostage, making a victim of the layman.

There have been daring attempts to silence the voice of reason, whose job is to awaken mass consciousness, and which forces people to take a right stand. For years we have counted on journalism to save the day, to expose the hidden figures, and to uncover the masked face. Therefore we are trusting journalism to pave the way, and to destroy the world’s ills and pains – restoring honour, dignity, hope, and man’s obviously debilitating faith.

Fast forward to today: the biggest challenge facing journalists is persecution coupled with lousy pay. This isn’t fair, considering the risk they take to ensure that truth is fearlessly sought and freely shared, and to ensure that what is right is openly expressed.

Thus censorship is the oppression of ‘true journalism’, in favour of ‘Hollywood entertainment’, and that nonsense written in the weekly ‘mag’, which has allowed for every façade the general masses have now come to accept.

An error in need of correction, I must add. To think that I went to university to get the lesson first-hand. It actually turns out I was given a free-hand to a system built by an unjust hand.

Journalism was meant to reveal political propaganda and such traps. However, journalism cannot and should not be interfered with, not even by its own representatives.

Now, of course, the challenge here is that they have taken all our freedoms and censored the word that has said no to that. Hence journalism has lost a sense of itself.

And so, here ends my two cents worth… because here is a plain fact: nobody pays attention to what true journalists have to say.

The Press Ombudsman enters the fray. And, just like journalism was faced with its greatest enemy. It seems that facts are no longer relevant. As governing politicians would have it, their people are tranquilised puppets, in agreement with death. Blinded by the political liaison ‘crap’ – there really is no better term for hell.

Journalism was meant to provide a way forward for each generation. But it has failed. Hence degeneration. Or perhaps society has failed to take a step forward. But, who on earth cares?

Even if the system is running at a loss and with precious waste, we’ll do what we do best and forge a way forward.

Kule Democracy yethu intsha yaseMzantsi Africa; all we’ve really done, kukokotela – and we’ve done so for two decades. I wish this youth would now wake up.

It’s time to collectively say a prayer and have faith in the Saviour. We need Grace more than ever now. And, that’s a fact, not a political campaign. The biggest challenge we face in the world is our comprehension of ourselves today. This has taught me, as a journalist, how disilllusionment works.

“This leaves no room for half-truths, the brutal-truth, or even the plain truth. It does mean the truth. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”


Do you think Journalism is subjective in our current democracy?