Elaine and James were husband and wife. James was the King of Island, and Elaine the Queen. Wilson was James’ brother and Faith was Elaine’s sister. Faith was married to Wilson and was older than Elaine. She was jealous that her sister was a queen and she was not.

One day, the elders of Island organised a meeting at James’ house.

“You must have a child in the next year or you will be forced to step down as the King and Queen of Island,” one elder commanded.

James and Elaine were worried about the news but they were hoping that they would have a child. Faith was happy when she heard the news. A few months later Elaine fell pregnant, and had a boy child. Faith was not happy about that but she pretended to be. They organised a family party to celebrate the news, and the elders were happy for them. The house was packed! The child would cry whenever Faith held him.

“I have to kill Elaine’s child, I want to be the Queen! She is young so she can’t be the Queen!” one evening Faith told Wilson. Wilson was not OK with that but Faith forced him. “You will be the King, everyone will love and respect you,” she continued.

Faith kidnapped and killed the child in the forest.

James and Elaine woke up the next morning and couldn’t find their child. Elaine was crying, asking herself who could have taken their child. They reported the matter to the elders and they were sad and disappointed. They told them that if they didn’t find their child there was nothing they could do, they would have to step down as the King and Queen of Island.

A few months later, the child was found dead. James and Elaine stepped down as the King and Queen. Faith and Wilson replaced them. They were very happy. One evening Faith was talking to her husband telling him that they did the right thing to kill Elaine’s child. Elaine was listening to their conversation and recording them but they didn’t see her.

After a year, Faith and Wilson had a daughter. Faith didn’t know that her sister Elaine knew that she had killed her child, because Elaine pretended as if everything was OK. Elaine told her husband about who killed their child, and that she wanted revenge.

The next day, Faith was stressed and was crying when she found her child dead. The family had a meeting, the elders wanted to do a ritual because of what was happening. Elaine disagreed with that and told the elders the truth. Faith and Wilson were banned from the Island. Elaine and James were elected as the King and Queen of Island again. They lived happily ever after.

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