“Uhm no that looks too small on you.”

“No marn just act like other teenagers, stop being weird.”

“He asked me out first so he’s just pretending to like you.”

“You are not beautiful, just light skinned.”

All these quotes above are what has been said to me and back then, I would cry myself to sleep or get mad at anything and everything when I heard them, but not anymore. I have decided to end the suffering hence the reason for this letter, tell anyone who wants to listen I said, I’m not sorry for being me, if they don’t like me, they can go jump off mount Everest.

Dear You
I have found a friend, better yet a true lover. We are still getting to know each other, I mean four months is still a short period of time to claim love, but what can I say, it was love at first read.

I’m talking about Fundza, yes the best reading and writing platform I’ve ever set my eyes on. I got introduced to it by my English teacher back in grade 10. She would tell us about how she would love us to enhance our English skills so that we could be ready for university.

I never knew there was such a place, except for school ,until Fundza came along. It’s been two years of constant pleasure since the first time I heard about Fundza. I would pop up every now and then to open the world of stories and poems of my fellow authors.

Something grew in me and I realised I wanted that for myself, being called an author that is. I knew reading and writing was the first thing on my ‘love-to-do-list’. I decided to send in my first work called SEVENTEEN, and the joy I felt was pure.

I am still growing in the writing phase, but people seem to enjoy my work so far and I couldn’t be more happier. I’ve also interacted with amazing souls over the platform, little do they know how important their comments of love make me feel.

Wilkotelo, Slie, SisQueen, AmandaMandy, Cliché, Evah Thembi and HappyFave. I appreciate you guys a lot and everyone else that reads my work, I couldn’t mention them all even though I’d love to. I’m sending gratitude, appreciation and blessings your way.

Much love
From Anelisa

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