My heart turns black because I can’t feel no more! I wish you needed me as much as I needed you. They say love hurts, I say love kills because I hate the feeling of love.

I kind of liked you; let’s change the word to love. If the pain doesn’t last then it was never love. In a world where we grow, they never showed us love, that’s why we don’t even know how to love. No more busy playing with feelings, ain’t got time for that and I’m to grown for that.

Sometimes it’s hard to speak up, that’s why I just kill myself with my thoughts because I know I will never judge myself. In this cold world it’s better to just think and say it in your heart. In that way you know no one will hurt you. I have a busy mind, but an empty soul.


Tell us: Do you agree that it’s better to think and not say what you actually feel?