Never a rose without thorns.

Does that ring the bell? Well then you should recognise it’s meaning in your own, unique way; just as you’re all unique. Let me explain it in my own way.

Everyone has flaws; imperfect. Even your crush is imperfect, funny I mentioned that because it’s exactly what I’m on about. You catch a glimpse of this one special person, always looking amazing in your eyes, like a crystal glowing. Their features are breath-taking, even if you feel invincible to them at times.

They are such mesmerizing creatures aren’t they? Yet, you know that there’s one thing you can’t do around them, either act normal or breathe properly.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: is it love or fear. This person is all yours when you shut your eyes, too bad… Only in your dreams but in reality they’re like a decoy waiting for you to be lured into and finally annihilate you to non-existence. However isn’t that only in our heads. What if you suddenly had the courage to tell them how you feel?

Yeah we all have that little friend inside of us called shyness that keeps overprotecting us from achieving what might change our lives forever. Sure, some of you know how to tell them how you feel but those that feel they can’t, what’s stopping you? Love or fear?

There are a lot of illusions we keep creating in our heads before we even open our lips to free words we want them to hear. Are we pessimistic or cowards or just too in love?

Have you ever seen how white a tissue is? It’s soft and cute but what’s its purpose at the end of the day? Let me not go into detail. What I’m trying to say is, as long as you’re alive someone’s going to 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 you. So too bad that person would be your crush and you let the chance fade.

So to the girls, especially those feisty ones that always think about the worst, allow someone just this once to ask you out, who knows he may turn out be Cupid. Don’t let pride get the best of you, and to the guys, please love with good intentions.

It’s not that we don’t trust you, some bad guys have manipulated us into believing you all the same.

So what exactly is it? Love or Fear?


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