Collapse into a comfortable chair and write. Write every day until your fingers hurt. In the long run, you’ll reap the rewards of your sweat. These are the findings of a study by experts to determine what made writers quickly develop their craft. You see, l found the study fascinating. It’s proof that “practice makes perfect.” Stephen King, best-selling novelist of all time couldn’t agree more. King stated, “Write and write every day till you can’t write anymore.” Martha Barnette is also a successful writer who writes for a Financial magazine. When she started, she struggled to get a proper tone and voice in her writing. You might ask what she did to improve her writing. She began hand copying long popular articles in other magazines. In no time her writing became fluid – it’s like priming your pump! You’ve seen athletes, they train daily. I remember the other day watching Usain Bolt on TV. Usain said he trained every day to become the fastest man on the planet. Even Messi, the best footballer. He Practiced! The same thing applies with writing.

When you write daily, you build knowledge and improve your writing similarly to the way athletes build physical muscle while training. The quality of your writing should tremendously improve as you continue to practice. Soon, you’ll be like a production machine. Even better– you’ll see the quality of your writing improve dramatically – which may surprise you. Your ideas will develop to be sharper, more tangible. Plus, your language will be clear and concise. The funny thing is it’s not even that hard to copy blocks of texts. It might be annoying, frustrating, or time consuming but, you don’t even have to think or break a sweat – it’s that easy. You also don’t need a fancy and expensive laptop or desktop computer to get started. Just a pen and a piece of paper! ln fact, you don’t even need to study tutorials online. This is a simple pen and paper task which even kids can do.

Though it seems easy, you’d be surprised to find most writers don’t do it. Nevertheless, if you did it, I promise you, it will change your life forever. How? By improving your writing ability, you increase the amount of opportunities you’ll have. Which can in turn can potentially improve your pay. Remember, better pay means a way, way better lifestyle. Can you imagine it, living next to the beach in a posh house. Small things like this are often not seen as important, however, they can significantly help in the long run. That is why writing is my something special because it can provide me better resources for a better life. Successful writers have even tried this method to improve their writing. This theory has been discussed as a secret weapon which writers still use today. It’s not my own creation.

Remember, the way you were taught basic skills such as comprehension, dictation, and even spelling back in primary school days or at College? First, you had to write everything down in your own handwriting to quickly master these skills. The method is still standard practice in schools today. My challenge to you is to set aside just 30 minutes each day and hand copy any really good writing or anything that you find interesting. Write it down with a pen in free hand. Now, here’s the painful truth about writing. It’s going to hurt. Your body would revolt as you suffer painful swollen wrists and fingers, a humming brain -even stinging eyes, however, don’t worry. Keep at it, your body will get used to the discomfort -much like it got used to the pain when you began routine daily exercises.

ln the long run, the excruciating pain will vanish. Remember the saying “no pain no gain.” Of course, you do have a bigger vision in all this – hopes of grandeur perhaps – So why wouldn’t start building your dream towards that vision. Building your vision one brick at a time, writing can be the first building block to your future. “Slit your wrists”, as one popular writer once said. Write like there’s no tomorrow, like your life depends on it, every day. By using a pen, my something special, will make you a better writer.