Today I want to send a special shout out to the “weaker” gender; women.

I want to especially send a special shout out to some mothers. The mothers who are there for their children, no matter what. The mothers who prepare artemisia afra, when we are down with flu and colds. The mothers who make us swallow the horrendous castor oil then give us a kiss on the forehead.

The mothers who prepare and accompany us, to school. The mothers who bring us lunch timeously. The mothers who fetch us with an umbrella from school when it’s raining.

The mothers who hustle by cooking for other kids at schools, cleaning university labs, study areas, libraries and lecture halls at three am. The mothers who work to the bone, so we can also have crayons.

My shout out goes to mothers, who would rather work for peanuts than to trade what’s between their legs for financial aid. The mothers who complain, “They don’t have money,” but make sure you have necessities. My shout out, goes out to mothers who loved themselves and their children enough to cut ties with their abusive partners.

My shout out goes to women who took care of another woman’s child when the mother was absent, be it through illness or work. It’s not easy believe me, but there are women who are holding it down.
A shout out to the women who served us the meatiest meat on the pot, I’m talking drumsticks and T-Bone steaks despite protest from others with phrases like, “You spoiling the child.”

A shout out to women who read bedtime stories to their own children, and other children at home and hospitals.

I’m sending this shout out to mothers who baked cakes for my birthday, slipped happy birthday notes under my bed when I was sleeping. A mother who I drive crazy, but loves me regardless.

Shout out to the so-called “weaker” gender, because they were strong enough to see life and death, when they bore a life into the world.

This Autism Awareness Month, I’m sending a special shout out to all the women who take care of autistic children. It’s not easy, it doesn’t get easy, it’s hard-core but you doing the hard yards.

“When I think of autumn, I think of somebody who doesn’t want me to die,” – Toni Morrison


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