Based on a true story

This is a story about a 21-year-old gal called Perm.

Perm was a troubled gal, but no one was able to see that. When she first started dating she was very excited. She met a guy, his name was Promise. She was very much in love with him.

Months passed and their relationship was on fire, they loved one another so deeply. One day, Promise cheated and things were never the same again. Days followed by months passed before Perm. Promise received an internship and had to move to Pretoria, but that never made them love one another any less. They agreed that Promise had to visit at least once a month and he did that.

Three months later, Perm was doing grade 11 and didn’t want anyone to come between her and her studied. It was the 14th of February 2015 when Perm was attending school and that’s where she met Tumi. Tumi offered to walk her home and she agreed, but that walk turned out to be Perm’s worst nightmare.

Promise found out about Tumi and decided to take the next bus to Joburg. Two days, later, Promise called Perm and they arranged to meet. However, things turned ugly when they met up. Promise beat her so badly she that she couldn’t even seat down the next day. Still, she forgave him. A few months later, Promise confessed to Perm that he had made another gal pregnant. She was so hurt she even thought of taking her own life.

A year later Perm forgave him again and as time went, she started feeling insecure and she broke up with him.
In 2016 Perm was doing grade 12. She was so focused and determined to pass at the end of that year, those were her happiest moments.

When August arrived she had a crush on a guy called Bonginkosi. As soon as he saw that she liked him, he made a move. He approached her and she didn’t hesitate; she said yes immediately. A couple of weeks later they started having sex. Bonginkosi made it clear to Perm that he didn’t want a child, but that didn’t stop him from having unprecedented sex with her. They kept on doing it over and over.

A month later, they broke up. Bonginkosi reconciled with his ex-girlfriend. On the 1st of October Perm met a guy whom she told about her past relationships and that she thought she was pregnant. This guy promised to love her and her baby. On the 20th of November 2016, Perm experienced internal bleeding, but she didn’t do anything about it because she thought she was on her period.

Days went by then on the 23rd of November, after writing her home language paper she decided to go to a clinic because the pain was unbearable. When she arrived there she found out that she was pregnant. She was immediately rushed to the hospital because they didn’t know what had caused the bleeding. When she got there she was attended immediately. Later on that day, her friend called her mom and told her the news and she went to the hospital immediately.
Perm was admitted at Far East Rand Hospital. Perm’s friend called her boyfriend to let him know about Perm and he said he would come the next day after work. He came as he promised he would. Later on Perm was taken to see a gynaecologist that checked her to see what was wrong with her baby. The gynaecologist had bad news.

The doctor told her she was having an ectopic pregnancy and that they had to remove the baby or she might die. Perm immediately called her boyfriend and told him the news, but he didn’t understand what an ectopic pregnancy was. That day, they took her to surgery and removed the baby. Lucky the operation was successful then they took her back to her ward.

Around 19:00 that evening her boyfriend came. He was so heart broken when he found her in the state she was in. She was asleep and there were no signs that told him that she could hear him. Around 20:00, when visiting hours were over, Perm woke up and she was very happy to see her boyfriend, her mom and her friend.

Perm didn’t finish writing her exams so she failed her metric. She didn’t give up. She decided that she would supplement the following year.

Months went on and her boyfriend gave her the best support she could ask for. But the pain of losing a child kept on coming back every time she heard her boyfriend talking about his five-year-old daughter. A few months later, she lied to her boyfriend and told him that she was pregnant again. He was very happy and promised to take care of her. Later she realised that it was stupid of her to lie to the man who love her and now she was afraid to tell him the truth because she didn’t wanna lose him.

The only hope she had was she had to test positive on the pregnancy test that she planned on taking because she had already missed her period. She hoped to God that she was pregnant and asked him to set her free because she could loose the only guy who had ever really cared about her.

I hope God can be with her and set her free, I hope she is pregnant because she might lose the only guy who has ever cared for her.


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