Thapelo was a down-to-earth man; a Ndebele. He was honest with Chipo at first sight; he had affections for Chipo.

“You know babe, I love you so much,” he said.

Chipo was a sweet girl and she was also honest, but doubted Thapelo was being true to himself about his affections for her. They had become very close when they met for lunches and dinners. Chipo seemed to see it was real. She became more appreciating of Thapelo’s love.

“I want to be with you until death. As long as I live I will always love you,” Thapelo said, holding her hands and looking her in the eye.

“I love you too, darling,” Chipo said happily.

They would call each other and it would quite irritate their neighbours and friends. At work it was much worse; Chipo was a shop assistant in a cloth shop and Thapelo was an accountant.

One day Chipo was with an old friend, Shawn, who always hated the love she had with Thapelo. He went on his social media and found ridiculous pictures of Thalepo with women.

“You can’t be with this guy for God’s sake. He is a ladies man, everyone wants him,” he said.

“I don’t know what to believe now. I sometimes think he lies to me that he loves me,” Chipo spoke, confused.
She wondered if this Thapelo was right for her; she couldn’t stop thinking about his pictures, him clinging onto the women like he owned them. She was hurt. Her heart ached, she felt mutilated wondering if it was true.

“Dump him, you can date me, I am faithful,” Shawn said.

She quickly looked at him bewildered. “Why should I date you? Thapelo is much better than you and these pictures are from four years ago,” she said furiously. “Leave me alone, now,” she said, more enraged.

Shawn left. He felt pissed off; he knew now that he couldn’t change Chipo’s mind.

Chipo sat and thought much of Shawn’s remarks on her relationship with Thapelo. Maybe Shawn is right about this, I can be such a fool at times, she thought. But her heart said she loved him and to lose him was a no no. Her mind told her to follow her heart. She decided to ignore Shawn and remember Akon’s song ‘Doesn’t Matter’. She had to follow her heart.

One day she went to see Thapelo only to find him with some women in his one-room rent apartment.

“Babes, oh nice to see you,” he said and pulled her to hug her. She greeted the other ladies while Thapelo held her waist. The women looked unpleasant. It seemed there was some animosity between them and Chipo when Thapelo introduced them as his sisters.

“Thapelo, how can you date a Shona girl? You must choose right, you know,” Puse said, looking full of hatred.
“What do you even want from her,” Suzie stood up. “Are you gonna marry her?” Suzie continued.

“It is my choice. She is my darling and I love her. I am doing what I want,” he pulled Chipo to walk away from them.

“Not so fast, you must marry a Ndebele not this baboon,” Suzie shouted like a violent twin stick shooter.

Thapelo managed to get out with Chipo. Chipo felt confused because this was racism.

“Sorry, my sisters are meddling in our love. I love you, I will do what my heart says not as they say,” he said and took Chipo home. They spent the whole day holding each other, talking about their future and love.

Thapelo made a promise to be with Chipo until death separated them. He said he would love her even in sadness, poverty, happiness as long as love carried them everywhere. He left when it as night-time and Chipo called Puleng to come over and told her everything.

“Wow, friend, this is tough. They don’t even want you,” Puleng said in shock. “What matters is what he decides,” she continued.

“Yes that’s true my friend. I love him and he loves me but his sisters are interfering,” Chipo said, astonished and confused.

“Don’t worry about them hey. Strongs,” Puleng said and hugged her.

Chipo decided to keep their affection strong no matter what. But she was indignant about what the sisters thought of her. They saw her as ugly and a Shona. Maybe they thought she was desperate but it was not true. Can a Shona not get married to a Ndebeles? She was as human as them, wasn’t she? Chipo and Thapelo loved each other.

The next day she spent the day giggling with Thapelo. They did not mention his sisters’ disagreements or contests. All they thought of was their love.

“I will be with you baby, I love you, no matter what. One day they will accept you,” Thapelo said happily, holding her in her arms.

“I hope so, this is too much,” she chuckled sadly.

“I am all yours baby, let’s give them time,” he said, kissing her lips.


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