If you’re reading this, you’re probably a human. If you’re a human then you most definitely have human rights. But, “What are human rights?” you may ask. Well, human rights are rights that belong justifiably to every person. They are norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in law.

All human rights are fundamental rights, but there is one that I find to be the most important of all, which is the right to life. The right to life simply implies that everyone deserves to live, and no one has the right to kill another.

Imagine how society would be like if we didn’t have the right to life. Imagine how many people would be denied an opportunity to live to their utmost potential. Imagine how many future leaders we would lose at a young age. Imagine how our world would be filled with blood rivers in every street you cross.

If humans didn’t have the right to life, then we would be getting slaughtered everyday like farms animals. If humans didn’t have the right to life, then we would be getting chopped every evening like vegetables. We need human rights to assure us that our lives are safe from such cruel criminality executions.

Every house has its own rules in order to maintain order. Human rights are the ones that help maintain order in countries/nations. Without this order we would witness a global collapse in all systems, which shows that human rights are the cornerstone to nation building.

We have seen many countries where there is no regard for the right to life, and we can confidently conclude that none of these countries thrive and achieve anything worthwhile. Without obeying human rights you can never achieve any cohesion as a nation.
What most people tend to forget is that the right to human life applies to everyone equally despite their gender, age, sexuality, economic status, background, religion, and all other divisive factors. Every human is equal in the eyes of the law, and therefore should be treated equally.

We are no longer living in the middle ages, nor the dark ages. We are living in a time of enlightenment. Let us all apply our conscience knowledge in a nation building manner. The earth is in our hands. It is our duty to maintain peace and order throughout the world. To achieve this, we need to start with basic things like respecting each and every individual’s human rights.