She grew up in the middle class of a well-to-do family in the suburbs of Southampton. Isador, she was called.

Though the world in the 1900s was on the threshold of a technological age, there still remained traditions and the lifestyle of the Victorian age. Her last year in Oxford marked the year 1911 as her most memorable year in her life. Being at the tender age of 23 years, she met whom she considered her soul-mate.

Charles Strauss, an orphan who with great fortune inherited his father’s tobacco business, which made him one of the wealthiest bachelors in England. Their love blossomed into something special, soul-mates fortunate enough to be untied at such a young age.

Having met through acquaintances, Charles was all the more grateful, for he believed Isador to have saved him from his despair of loneliness. He knew that his fortune constituted for nothing had he not found love. He was so happy to have found Isador that he arranged for the 10th of April 1912 for them to get married.

Their wedding day arrived. Isador looked amazing, having been clad in a stunning wedding dress. Charles couldn’t maintain his composure as tears trickled from his eyes.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” said Reverend Smith as he concluded the wedding ceremony. Isador Strauss, she became to be called as of the eleventh of April. Their marriage ceremony was both memorable and well attended. Charles announced that the following day would officially be their honeymoon to what he said, “A gigantic surprise” that awaited Isador.

They danced the night away hand-in-hand, each one gazing into the eyes of the other, the world seemed to be non-existent. A mutual feeling was shared between them that only a few get to experience in their lifetime.

That same night, having followed her religious principles flawlessly, Isador now finally was married and with a pure conscious, she and Charles could become as one.

The next day Charles’s “gigantic surprise” was finally be revealed. Unfortunately Isador was blind-folded, though it was difficult to get her to the destination. The journey was in itself filled with laughter and curiosity.
The journey finally came to an end. Removing the blindfold from her eyes, there it was, a colossal steel vessel of 46, 329 tons, the Titanic. Excitedly Isador hugged him. Her gleeful smile always filled his heart with serenity and comfort, the kind of smile one would encounter four times throughout their lifetime.

The amount of people who attended was astonishing. Everyone was mystified and envious of the boat and the passengers who were bordering it. The town of Queenstown was up and applauding to farewell of the unsinkable ship.
Charles and Isador went to take a position in the frontal tip of the ship. Behind her, Charles stood as Isador protruded her hands outward, her brunette hair blowing gently as the vessel began increasing in knots.

“Isador did you feel that bump?” asked Charles. Having gone three days adrift, the Titanic seemed an invincible object on the oceans.

“No dear, I suppose it’s your imagination,” responded Isador when a knock on their door was heard.

“Good evening Mr and Mrs Strauss. My sincerest apologies, however, I do require you to wear warm clothing and head out to your boat stations along with your life jackets,” said the steward who attended their room. Reluctant to leave the warmth of their room, believing it to be some inconsiderate drill, Charles and Isador were persuaded when they saw everyone doing as was commanded by the stewards.

The safety boats, frail in comparison to the Titanic, were swung out with the strict orders: “Women and children only.”

Everyone acted calmly and almost in a detached manner. Children engaged in snowball fights using ice that the deadly berg deposited during that brief encounter, while most women refused to leave their partners, Isador Strauss was one of them.

“Where you go, I go.” She said.

The horror was finally made know when the captain screamed, “Abandon ship! Everyman for himself.”
Wailing and panic now swept throughout the ship as side-by-side, Charles and Isador saw the pandemonium before them.

Suddenly the ship titled to attain a somewhat vertical upright position and remained thus, gradually sinking. Holding on to a pole, as many were now sliding into the icy abyss of the Atlantic Ocean, the ships lights got extinguished along with the deep rumble as tons of machinery broke loose and fell to the bows. The water was closing over the ship.

Their last moment together was visible by the light of the moon. The twinkle of tears could be seen in their eyes, as they remained holding onto a pole.

“Charles, what I’m about to say may make me sound like a cold-hearted person.”

“I’m glad you never lost your sense of humour,” said Charles, smiling with a cold mist coming from his mouth.
“I’m pregnant,” said Isador who with her delicate arms could no longer hold on the pole, as she now began plummeting to the icy waters. Instinctively, though still shocked, Charles followed suit as he tried to reach her. Isador’s hand remained stretching upwards to him.

They finally once again reunited though in the darkness of the waters nothing was visible. Isador and Charles could only kiss each other as they sank to the bottom of the ocean to their untimely deaths.


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