I’m writing this short piece about importance of self-belief, while the very same person behind it is struggling to believe himself. That’s not the point. The point I’m trying to emphasise here is to make the reader aware that you can do or achieve anything that your mind desires as long as you believe in yourself.

You’ll find that people have such brilliant ideas that might change their lives or other peoples’ lives for the better, but they lack self-belief and those ideas go to waste, which is not how it should be. I personally believe that when you have an idea you should make sure that you explore rather it than letting it go to waste.

Another thing that discourages us from making these ideas present is that we think a lot about another peoples’ opinions: what they are going to say if our ideas fail, the negative comments we’ll receive from them. Rather focus on yourself than worrying about what people might say.

With that mentality, trust me, you’ll go far with your life. Even if it happens that you find yourself in a bitter situation where a jealous neighbour badmouths you, you won’t be demotivated, instead you will be motivated and encouraged. That’s how powerful self-belief can be.


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