For once in my life I decided to follow my heart. I know that the heart can be so deceiving at times but I am prepared to take the risk.

Yes, many girls want you. Yes, you have a girlfriend (or must I say girlfriends)? But still, that doesn’t change the way I feel about you. Yes, they have warned me about you but still my feelings for you keep on growing to such an extent that they are about to overflow.

I am aware that I am inviting tears, a broken heart (like a broken chair with splinters) but I know that I am bold enough to deal with whatever circumstance may be. What I cannot risk is to not feed my soul what it is craving, which is your dearest love.

I hate the fact that it has to be you since your life is complicated but what can I do with this heart of mine when it seems to be so fond of you? I detest the fact that I am not the only one your mind thinks of, let alone the only one your heart beats for. Yes you told me you love me and that you have loved me before, but the question is: why is it so hard for me to believe you? Maybe I’ve got trust issues.

With all that being said, the truth remains the same. I love you – idiot! Whenever I get to think of you, I smile on my own like an idiot. The little attention you used to give me meant a lot because whenever I went to sleep I would replay the sound of your deep voice that I recorded whenever you got to utter a word.

Gosh! Let me just say you make me laugh and smile which is very significant to me. To be honest, if I were to be asked what attracted me to you, I would just smile and say everything because you are a complete circle. You complete my heart. Back to reality though, I love you! But I don’t trust you.


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