I glance to heaven for answers. My mind is bursting with questions I can’t answer. Why am I following into the footsteps of others and not creating my own? Why am I not being the one to create those footsteps for others to follow? Why am I following the crowd instead of letting the crowd follow me? Am I responsible for the life I live or am I just living to please others ? All I wanted is to live a life that others will crave, but now I’m craving how others are living their lives.

I used to believe that life is a journey and only I have the keys to this intriguing journey, but recently I feel like I have put the keys in somebody’s pocket. All I wanted was to be the protagonist of my life but now I’m the antagonist. Why am I holding myself back and not letting me be me? Now I lead a life that others wanted for me, instead of living the life I wanted.

All I wanted was to be a riddle wrapped up in an enigma; I wanted to be an unsolved mystery, but now it seems as if everyone has solved the puzzle of my life. I am unable to find my key to life, the key that is supposed to open the door to endless opportunities. The key that was supposed to be my escape from poverty and lead me to the land of milk and honey.


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