Do not judge a book by its cover, but rather cast judgement on the content of its pages which shows its true worth. When you look at a bookshelf, do not be drawn to the thing that shines brightest, for the tarnished and damaged one holds the greatest potential to shine like the malevolent sun. I want you to look with your third eye, the mind, when evaluating what is worth the hype, but temper it with your heart to unearth the humanity hidden from those who do not seek.

I am someone that breaks the box and sits outside of the stereotypical labels placed on the area that I live in. Bonteheuwel is the place where I have spent most of my time growing up and it is cast in the darkest of shadows. The continuous melody is the sound of guns being fired. The lullaby that enters my ears before bed is the distant sound of gunshots, while others bounce off the pylons that ring the train tracks.

Trains have been brought to a halt by people who gunned down a train driver which they value as equal to a backpack. The alternative is always a taxi where they are also shot in broad daylight in retribution. Lastly, game shop buddies of days-gone-by are shot for the sake of using a bullet. The actions of others really blanket us indescribably, but do not let it fool you that we are all like that.

I hold no love for these actions perpetrated with no remorse. I only use it as ammunition for my poetic words to help eradicate this mentality brought on by these socio-economic problems. So, with my title as the ‘Wordsmith’ I use poetry and spoken word to showcase things not broadly advertised! Like how we find solace in something different i.e. not gangsterism, but using our talents to attempt to flip the script on poverty. People see the place and forget about the powerful army of youth that are preparing to change things for themselves. We only lack the support that is focused like a compass, pointing north on the ones that cause anarchy.

It’s truly amazing to see what we will do to achieve what we want! Talents are fun and we really showcase our passion for them. I may live in Bonteheuwel, but I am still a talented chess player. For that talent, I am the Under-19 Elsies River Library Chess Tournament Champion. Sleeping over with friends, not to party, but to be on time for a chess tournament; not phased by gunshots within sight; to actually play to win.

Idle minds are dangerous for some but for us they are a melting pot of creativity or just another excuse to dance and eat. Skating down to Wesley ‘The Ghost’ Bosch for the sharing of space on anything to continue growing ourselves through dance and finding new ways to use the skills that we have gained.

So together we push the only Krump dance movement in the North of Cape Town, Northern Krump Kingdom, to a position of notoriety and prestige. Dance is a powerful tool for social cohesion, so we utilise it by popping up and teaching dance to anyone and everyone to grow both experience and repute through something positive. Together we can reach new levels on the journey to commit 10 years of our life co-currently with Krump to reach the level of a Veteran.

You have seen the cover of this book and should be appalled at the actions of man. You have been shown a few pages which should be a true eye-opener for things that take a little effort to find in people, places and life. Look underneath the underneath for true clarity and understanding.

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