Smiling, laughing and joyful moments are all signs of happiness we’re experiencing at that exact moment. Unwinding, relaxing and being at peace with what happiness is, reminds us of the world we are exposed to.

I see you currently want a world that has both the smiles and unwinding. The people that inhabit the construct of your life don’t know the difference between the two. You are being fed the truth of what the mind wants to hear and a lie the heart doesn’t want to know. Every now and then signs of the life you want to lead and the person that wants to give it, becomes blurred because you’re stuck between a want and a need, and the only one that can choose happiness, true happiness, is you.

If you think you’re the most messed up person, trust me there is worse in the world. All I am saying is that paint your own world first before painting his. Instead of trying to figure it out, try to understand, and instead of trying to hear, maybe you should listen.

For the longest time you’ve been battling between having a happy good time and having a happy good life.

I see everything from my side of the fence. I admire your fight and although you might be broken, you are not yet destroyed.


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