Love is a doing word, you can’t say you love someone but not show it. The word love has to do with actions. The purpose of love is to serve, whether you are being served or not.

Many mutualistic relationships don’t have the love they say they have. Love is not about doing this for me and I will do this for you. You need to be able to do anything for a person without thinking that you will get something in return, and then you can mention the word love.

It is tricky how you will fall in love forgetting that everything that falls gets broken; this means if you fall in love you are going to get yourself hurt/broken. If you are in love, forget the third voice, which has its own opinions about your relationship. The fact that you are in that relationship and not him/her makes you capable of having your own decisions.

The reason we get hurt in a relationship is we are looking for unconditional love with bags full of conditions. Before getting into a relationship, introspect on everything, advantages and disadvantages, then you decide. After deciding, don’t get into that relationship with expectations as they are an illusion. All you need to do is love.


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