13 February 2012 I went on a school trip, a trip to Sharpeville to learn about the history of the human rights. I was doing grade 10 then. It all started in Sharpeville in 1960 where blacks gathered to fight for their rights as humans. Unfortunately, 69 of black people were killed by the whites.

At first, I did not know why we celebrate the 21 March Human Rights Day, but I’m glad I understand now because the trip opened my eyes. I celebrate Human Rights Day with pride and respect because of the knowledge I have, and I know the importance of rights and our history. Human rights are moral principles that describe certain standards of behaviour, and rights are legal, social principles of freedom that all people are entitled to regardless of nationality, sex, and age.

Looking back at apartheid and South African law during the 80’s was hard. A human being’s life was not valued. Prisoners were killed in jails for committing crimes, and blacks were killed based on their race. These actions prove that a human life was useless back then. To me, the most important right in the entire world is a right to life. No one has a right to end someone’s life. An unborn baby also has that right to live. No woman should terminate her pregnancy because by doing that you are denying a baby’s chance to live.

God created us, therefore let Him decide on our death, not a human being. It pains me to see parents ending their disabled children’s life because of their condition. I believe a right to life should be respected with dignity because we are all special and deserve to breathe in the air every day. We still need to grow old, experience the wonders of the world, live life to the fullest, and have a family in order to be a part of human life chain whereby you go through all the stages of life without anyone ending your precious life.

It’s important as people to know how important one soul is. We must learn to love ourselves, appreciate, and explore because it amazes me to know that a human being’s life is the most significant thing in the world one can have. Let us protect each other’s lives.

One said ”every human being has an inherent right to life, this right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.” So when thinking of killing someone, remember that person also wants to live as much as you.