In the 18th century, Apartheid was formed by the government to separate people according to their culture/race. Segregation was happening around the world, and the government separated black people from white people. White people had everything that they wanted; big houses, freedom to enter the shops and to play peacefully in the parks or play grounds. Well, black people had less access to some things. They had to go and work for the white people so that they can have money to feed their children and families. It was hard for them to get better jobs. This era was devastating.

Time went by and black people started to fight for their freedom and that freedom lead to the deaths of many black people. Most white people did not care about black people, as many black people died in front of their eyes. Many families cried for their family members that were killed by white people. This made black people angrier than before, but God had a plan.

On 18 July 1918 Nelson Mandela was born. Mandela was like everyone, he was normal. Mandela was from a royal family and royal families want to protect their people, so Mandela studied law before coming to Johannesburg. He became a lawyer and he started to get involved in politics. He joined the ANC. Mandela had a plan from when he was a child, a plan that would change the world. But his plan was hard to complete.

He said in his mind, “There is a long way to freedom.” Between 1945 and 1955 Mandela was the president of the ANC. He had a family to look after but in 1962, he was arrested for conspiring to overthrow the state and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Rivonia Trials.

He served 27 years in prison but still there was no peace. As Nelson Mandela was in prison, his wife, Winnie Madikizela, had the same plan as Nelson Mandela – to free black people from Apartheid. Winnie Madikizela kept on fighting and many people died for this freedom. Bullets everywhere, dead people in the street, rocks in the air and fire everywhere. It was like an action movie, black people running away for safety.

Winnie went to prison to visit Mandela and she told him that things were from bad to worse. It was hard for Winnie.

As it was wisely said, “Good comes to those who wait”, 27 years passed and Nelson Mandela was free from prison in 1990. President F.W. de Klerk released him.

He was free, and it was amazing as the community was there waiting for Mandela. They sang for joy that they would be free at last. There was the car, Mandela came out of it and everyone was happy. He made a promise to everyone and that promise was freedom. The fight didn’t end as Mandela fought against the National Party and Apartheid.

In 1994 Nelson Mandela won the fight and Apartheid ended and Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa. In December 2013 he died due to respiratory infection. Even though he is dead, his legacy still lives on. This year he would have turned 100 years old if he was still alive.

Because of their generosity and wisdom, I’m proud to be a black man. Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela are some of the legends and iconic heroes who made this world a better place.