Life isn’t fair, because we’re sometimes forced to do what we don’t want to do, knowing that what we want to do in our own time and space, we can’t do.

We make decisions that we were not meant to make but we were forced to make it because of the situation we were facing. Doing what makes other people happy makes it so difficult to make your own decisions. You can’t have your own space and free time to do what you really want but you’ve got to aim to please the people around you. You’re living their life not your own life because you’re being controlled by what they want.

Sometimes life isn’t fair because we can’t stand on our own, we can’t be independent, we’ve got to listen to what they’re telling us, as if they are controlling us. Life isn’t fair because it takes away the people who we value. The people we love and leaves our hearts broken and full of questions. Questions with no answers.

It leaves us with anger and feeling powerless, not knowing what to do next. It doesn’t notify us that it will take our loved ones. It doesn’t notify us that it will leave us angry, bitter and heartbroken. Life isn’t fair because we’re sometimes left with no words, no love, we’re just left with pain and anger.

Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair! But, why? I wonder? Life isn’t fair because we’re left powerless and we end up making wrong choices because it’s not fair. But why is life not fair? Why, why? I keep asking myself and I’ve got no answer, all I’ve got is question after question.

Sometimes life isn’t fair. We should get used to it, and stop having too many questions and live life to the fullest because tomorrow it might be fair.


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