He’s my Romeo. I never thought that I could ever meet a person like him. Okay this is what happened; it’s not like the usual love story that everyone expects, but it’s my love story.

We met in a very funny way. It was around dawn and I was heading home from a friend. Coming towards me, there was my Romeo — I didn’t think that could be him. He was walking towards me with his friend. He was tall, a bit mellow facially and skinny. You know that feeling when you feel like someone is staring right at you, yeah I felt like that. I lifted my head then boom our eyes locked, we started smiling okay. He waved his hand with an amazing smile and I waved back. I was shocked, at the same time enjoying the moment.

He left his friend and walked towards me and I panicked. He was not my crush or anything like that, no he was just a random stranger. I panicked I do not know why. I started fixing my hair, checking my teeth, checking my nose.

He said, “Hello I’m Katlego with a G.”

I said, “Ey I’m Kgotlelelo with a K.”

He said my name like five times still getting it wrong.

“You know what, because you’re name is so hard, I can’t even pronounce it, I might as well give you my own a name, something that I know will suit you,” he said.

I blushed the whole time because his voice, he had a thick voice like one of those radio presenters on Metro FM. Yoh Jesus I said to myself, his voice was on another level, more like Kwesta, you know the rapper, yeah that kind. He said my new name for him would be Angel because I am his Angel sent from God. I don’t want to lie, he had a way with words. He asked if we could get to know each other, I mean why not. I gave him my WhatsApp number and we spoke until 2am in the morning; I felt like we already knew each other from our conversations. We talked about everything literally, anything imaginable.

We met a few days later and went to The Joint, the most famous kasi chill in town. We bought dikhambane and talked after spending the day together. I was about to go home and he pulled my hand and gave me a chocolate just to say thank you for making his day. I know right, how romantic. While I was still blushing he stole a kiss unexpectedly. Okay I think I didn’t mention he’s very tall and I’m very short. He had to reach way down to me and we kissed. I felt like the whole world freeze and he lifted me and we continued to kiss. After that day he became my Romeo. We’re together for about one year now. Who would have thought.


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