He laid still. Up was the only direction he could face. Alone and dazed, the beauty around him flourished. Such colour, such magnificence. The clean blue sky created a hypnotic effect and for hours he would forget his pain, he would forget his predicament. The bushy, green trees, the strange creatures and the calm breeze put his mind at ease.

He tried to move his arms, he tried to move his feet, he tried to lift his head and nothing
happened. He was unable to move. His body was paralysed.

He closed his eyes tightly to try and figure out what had happened to him. He couldn’t remember.

While his eyes were closed, the continuous sound of water calmly hitting the bottom of the waterfall, and the strange creatures with their soft repetitive tunes, caused him to sleep.

He woke up and once again, he slept right after. He woke up again, but this time a fire within him had started. This time he was not going to sleep, this time he was determined to find out the cause of his ordeal. This time, nothing would distract him from remembering what happened to him.

He thought hard and long, but all he could remember was a plane. The picture of a plane
was all that remained in his mind, all was blur. While he was thrilled with this discovery, a
devastating pain shot through his body. He felt a warmth descend from his head to his toes. He knew exactly what it was, but for a while he denied himself of this knowledge.

Once more sleep approached, but this time it was different. It was the kind of sleep men cannot wake from. He fought hard to keep his eyes from closing, but sometimes the human body overcomes the power of the brain. Slowly, his eyes closed. His heart beat slowly and weakly, until the sound of his heart was no longer audible.

It was clear that the man was dead and for a moment everything in the forest stood still. There was silence, as if all the creatures of the forest were paying respect to this fallen man. It was a peculiar scene.

The skull of the man was cracked open, blood from his head covered the back of his body. It was clear that the cause of his death was excessive loss of blood. To this day, it’s unclear who the man was or how he came to be paralysed in the middle of the forest.


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