My life changed when I finally listened to my soul and inner child. I had to work on myself and let go of the emotional pain I was feeling from childhood. From that point on, everything else fell into place. And to this day I am working to improve myself and help shift the world.

I was always negative, never even thinking that one day I will ever be positive about myself. I lived with people who were always negative about everything I did. They never believed that I would ever achieve something good in my life or be somebody.

One day I decided to read a book called There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem by Wayne Dyer. This book changed my life. It helped me to be positive, to believe in myself and have the courage to take difficult decisions that shifted my life in a positive way. There were some moments I thought of giving up but I never did. I learned that no matter how hard life can be, one should never give up.

You should never let go of some dreams even though they don’t come over night. You have to go through struggles and rough patches to achieve them. I learned that you should never let go of what you want to achieve and never let people come between you and achieving your goals.

Be strong and tell yourself you are no failure. You are a winner. You are a champion and you will never let go of your success. Be a go-getter.


Tell us: What do you achieve when you are true to yourself?