My name is Hlumelo Vanitha Makeke. Vanitha is my English name and Hlumelo is my African name that my grandmother gave me before she died. I am African, a proud Xhosa. I’m in a family of five: my mom, dad, younger brother, older brother and myself. I’m a proudly African teenage girl that enjoys rapping, even though I’m not too confident about it, that doesn’t change the fact that I have passion for rapping.

I don’t have many hobbies or things I do since I spend most of my time at school, so I’m always busy with schoolwork. All I can say is that I have many talents, but I need to find time to express my talents. I would love to play the piano, ever since I was in primary school I used to want to go to piano lessons, but I never got a chance to, plus I never told my parents about it, so probably that’s why. I also love gymnastics, but I never looked in to it.

My passion for writing started when I met a friend, she is also a fanz writer. We started writing short stories and now we are looking forward to writing long stories and we might as well write a book. She wrote a story before me since I’m always at school and she is mostly at home, so she spends her time writing stories. I always loved writing poems, well, I don’t usually write them down, they are in my mind. I would just create poems in my head and sometimes write them down. That’s how my teenage life is.

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