No matter how you have been hurt, forgive and when you do so, you are liberating yourself. You are blocking away the negative energy and saying yes to a positive life. The devil teaches our hearts to hold grudges and in this way he is holding us bondage and limiting our progress. On the other hand, God says forgive so that “I take you up to greater heights; you cannot progress the way I want you to if you are holding grudges as I say in my Word”

(Mark 11:25) “When you stand to pray, forgive anyone against whom you have a grievance, so that your heavenly Father may in turn forgive you your transgressions.”

Therefore, God says, “For Me to progress with My plan for your life, you need to let go and let Me be.

Letting Go

When you let go you are doing yourself a favour and not the other person. You are portraying wisdom and the power in you. You are showing that you are a better and bigger person. You are also showing your strength; that you are in control and most of all you are giving the devil no chance in your life. ‎

Never let grudges contain you

The truth is that when you hold grudges, you are blocking your blessings, your life is on a standstill and you become miserable. You are controlled by anger and not love. You are frustrated when things don’t go your way because the grudge has the better of you. The devil is given a chance to control and destroy you.

“The enemy has come to steal, kill and to destroy.” (John 10:10). Therefore, grudges contain you and steal your happiness hence you should never hold on to a grudge. Liberate yourself and choose to love no matter what.‎

Give Love a way

Love is the most beautiful thing that God has blessed us with, we need to embrace it and make use of it. When you choose love, you choose new possibilities in your life and give no room for negative things. You say, yes God I have been hurt, but I am giving You a chance to heal and mend my heart.
We say love hurts and yes it does when it has not been pruned and God hasn’t taught you to love unconditionally like He does.

For everything to be beautiful it has to be pruned and love gets pruned through hurt. You don’t get hurt because you are not loved, but love is being perfected through you. Therefore, give love a chance no matter how hurt you have been and it is what will heal your heart.