I could barely see the beautiful white and lilac flowers in my hands through the tears. She was dressed in a tuxedo, although I strongly objected to it initially then gave it because I knew that it was her day as much as it was mine. I had on a stunning, tight silk dress with pearls at the seams. It was pretty plain except for the impossibly high slit that was to one side. After three years of trials and tribulations, we too finally got the chance to say our vows to each other amidst a crowd of loving friends and family and jealous exes. Both our mothers had gone all out with their outfits as they were both “the bride’s mothers”.

It took a while to convince my mother that this was who I was and that yes, I am a woman who is deeply in love with other women, well this one woman in particular. She made it very evident and clear that she was against, but slowly started realising that I love this woman as much if not more than she loves me. The law was on our side and so were our beautiful five children. Four were the biological offspring’s of her late sister: a responsible 18 year old girl, a chatterbox five year old girl, and two mischievous boys in the middle, both twelve and ten respectively. I have a two year old inquisitive son, whom I had six months into realising that I am actually a girl’s kind of girl.

At the time when we had to give our speeches through endless tears brought about by close friends and even closer family speeches, we had an important and very major announcement to make. We were having a baby!

The next couple of months were blissful. We were finally financially stable. I was at the very prime of my career, and my dearest wife was moving up in her forte. The pregnancy was more hectic than the previous one because I was actually looking forward to having this baby. When the due date eventually came, I was admitted into the local private clinic. Our specialist came to check on us as the pregnancy was had via artificial insemination. The question of whom was going to carry the baby was not much of a choice, as she had had fibroids some years ago and subsequently lost her womb. Luckily, medicine was advanced enough to save her ovaries, and that is where we got the beautiful egg that made this beautiful baby we were expecting.

I went through seven gruesome hours of labour, and we had another baby boy. I might have been a little crestfallen because I, being the symmetrical person I am, wanted a balance of three girls and boys, regardless I was happy. I am, although, grateful that we live in South Africa where I have little fear of being ostracised because of my sexuality.