I was a very young girl when I lost my mother it was a hurtful and painful experience. I would wonder how my siblings and I would carry on without her. Yes, our father was there for and with us, but it wasn’t enough.

Family members would point fingers blaming one another for her death. My paternal family would blame my maternal family, whereas my maternal family also pointed fingers at my paternal family. I developed hatred towards them because we were supposed to stick together and encourage each other to stay strong, but instead they were pointing fingers.

A year had passed and my grandmother from my maternal family took us in. Life started so well, but as time went by, things became sour. She would hide food from us, send us to herd, and we were told to get our own toiletries and by that time, my siblings and I were still going to school.

The only option I had was to throw myself at men, just so I could get some money for toiletries. I developed more hatred for my grandma and my aunt who was helping her out.
I got lucky, I passed my matric well and we moved from grandma’s house and went back to our home.

There was nothing that I could do, my hatred for them was so deep, it felt like it got deeper each time I thought of them. They have left me with deep wounds.

Then one day I decided that I should forgive them for what they did to me, I released them in my heart and felt free, but it took some time.

I forgave them and was really free. I went to college, passed well, got a job, got pregnant, got married and I even received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and was free indeed.

Forgive and be free, unforgiveness holds you back, if you forgive those who wronged you, you not doing them a favour, but it is for your own good.


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