The quality of literature is both dependant and a reflection on the state of society. Literature is decaying because society’s love for it has decreased. The one mirrors the other.

A perfect example of the decay of literature is 2×25 shades of the colour mixed from black and white. I chose to write the title in riddle form. The 50 Shades of Grey series is what writers are pressurized to write about, the things which society desires.

However, I will not conform to what the world expects of me. I find it confusing to write for the sake of what pleases others. I shall write for the love of literature and not the desire to please society. Ironically, people have lost their zeal for reading.

Because of the increase in technology, it is obvious to assume that literature and books have now become old fashioned. People have become fascinated with finding knowledge at the click of a button rather than taking the time to explore a well written book. I have found no fascination in running with the times of today, in fact, it bores me.

Regardless of the time change, I continue to pursue my passion for the art of literature, through short stories, poetry, novels and plays. Writing is the pulse through my veins, encoded in my D.N.A., my sole pursuit that I have literally sacrificed everything for.

Every day I wake up with an insatiable urge and hunger to be nothing but the best. Living in a lonely and isolated world where all I can do is just write, regardless of whether people would read my work or not. An endless journey of improving myself, though the future for an author is ever so bleak all I can do is continue writing and never give up.


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