My father came home to find our neighbour’s son Spha at the top of the electrical pole. My father sighed and shook his head with disbelief.

“What’s he doing there now?”

“The electricity, Dad. It’s gone off again.”

“Spha!” He hurried towards Spha. Knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled the ladder from under Spha’s feet. He stopped less than a step from the ladder.

“What are you doing up there? Shouldn’t Eskom be dealing with whatever is the problem?”

He sounded calm. I had expected him to explode with anger.

“No Mr. Dube,” Spha wiped his forehead answering. “I just need to raise this…oh shit!”

“Never use that kind of language, Spha. What’s wrong?”

“It’s the switch, Sir.”

“Is this the switch that switches all four houses in that box?”


“What happened?”

“It just broke, Mr. Dube.”

Dad wiped his forehead. “Oh shit!”